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Getting Started




Basic Usage

The Emitter class is the main point of interest in the Event package. This is where you register listeners and trigger events.

Creating the Emitter

use League\Event\Emitter;

$emitter = new Emitter;

Registering Listeners

Listeners are registered through the addListener method.

$emitter->addListener('', $listener);

The listener can be of two types:

Listener Priority

Optionally event flow can be influenced by setting a priority. Priorities are represented as integers.

$emitter->addListener('', $listener, 100);

The League\Event\EmitterInterface has 3 predefined priorities:

Emitting events

Events are emitted using the emit function.

$event = $emitter->emit($event);

The event can be of two types:

Emitting events in batches

$events = $emitter->emitBatch([$event, $event, $event]);

Emit Return Values

Events emitted are returned as the result. When emitting events in batches an array of events is returned.