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Upgrading from V2 to V3

Releasing a major version also allows for concepts to be refined, this major version takes full advantage of that opportunity.

Many renames…

Many things are renamed in this new version. This was largely caused by the terminology clashes with PSR-14. A new group of names, that didn’t conflict with PSR-14 was needed. The new names needed to make sense in relation to PSR-14, as well as in the extended functionality that the package provides.

There are now a conceptually cohesive names for class names and method names, which make sense.

Events are objects

For parity with PSR-14, the EventInterface has been removed. Any valid object can now be used to dispatch an event.

For events that supply their own event name, the League\Event\HasEventName interface is introduced that allows you to specify the event name by implementing the eventName method.

Because of this all, the abstract event was subsequently removed. Additionally, the League\Event\Event class was removed.

Instead of this class, you’re encouraged to introduce your own event type if you require named events. For example:

use League\Event\HasEventName;

class DomainEvent implements HasEventName
    private string $eventName;
    private function __construct(string $eventName)
        $this->eventName = $eventName;

    public function eventName(): string
        return $this->eventName;

    public static function named(string $name): DomainEvent
        return new DomainEvent($name);

PSR-14 support

Due to slashes in terminology, the names of classes and methods have been adjusted from V2 to V3. Most notably, the Emitter class is now called the EventDispatcher class. This was due to the Emitter, in PSR-14 terminology, being the code that uses a dispatcher to dispatch events. Because of this, all the terminology needed to be adjusted.

Callable listeners

PSR-14 defines listeners as any callable. The listener interface

Event propagation

For event propagation control, the Psr\EventDispatcher\StoppableEventInterface can be implemented.

Buffered event dispatcher is now a decorator

- $emitter = new League\Event\BufferedEmitter();
+ $dispatcher = new League\Event\BufferedEventDispatcher($internalDispatcher);

// with terminology rename
- $emitEvents = $emitter->emitBufferedEvents();
+ $dispatchedEvents = $dispatcher->dispatchBufferedEvents();

Other renames

Here is an overview of all the other renames:

// The emitter is now an event dispatcher
- $emitter = new League\Event\Emitter();
+ $dispatcher = new League\Event\EventDispatcher();

// The emit function is now called dispatch
- $emitter->emit($event);
+ $dispatcher->dispatch($event);

// Listener interface looses interface suffix
- use League\Event\ListenerInterface;
+ use League\Event\Listener;

// Event generator is now called EventGenerator
- use League\Event\GeneratorInterface;
+ use League\Event\EventGenerator;

// Event generator is now called EventGenerator
- use League\Event\GeneratorInterface;
+ use League\Event\EventGenerator;

// Adding a listerner is now "subscribing"
- $dispatcher->addListener($eventIdentifier, $listener);
+ $dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $listener);

- $dispatcher->addOneTimeListener($eventIdentifier, $listener);
+ $dispatcher->subscribeOneTo($eventIdentifier, $listener);

// ListenerProviderInterface is now ListenerSubscriber
- use League\Event\ListenerProviderInterface;
+ use League\Event\ListenerSubscriber;

// supplying the listeners via a subscriber:
- $dispatcher->useListenerProvider($subscriber);
+ $dispatcher->subscribeListenersFrom($subscriber);

// ListenerAcceptorInterface is now ListenerRegistry
- use League\Event\ListenerAcceptorInterface;
+ use League\Event\ListenerRegistry;