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Extra Utilities

Subscribing to Events

The League\Event\ListenerRegistry (interface) allows you to subscribe to events. There are two implementations of this interface:

  1. League\Event\EventDispatcher
  2. League\Event\PrioritizedListenerRegistry

This means you can subscribe to events with the event dispatcher directly, or subscribe to the internal listener registry:

use League\Event\EventDispatcher;
use League\Event\PrioritizedListenerRegistry;

$listenerRegistry = new PrioritizedListenerRegistry();
$dispatcher = new EventDispatcher($listenerProvider);

// Subscribe with the dispatcher
$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $listener);

// Subscribe with the listener registry
$listenerRegistry->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $listener);

Subscribing parameters

The $eventIdentifier parameter is a string. The default (and advised) way of subscribing, is to subscribe to a fully qualified class name of an event class name.

class SomethingHappened {
    // properties (and getters)

$dispatcher->subscribeTo(SomethingHappened::class, $listener);

The $listener parameter is a callable value. For convenience, a League\Event\Listener interface is provided. This interface ensures that whatever the listener accepts is an expected event object.

Provide a callable:

$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, function(object $event) {

Or, provide a listener instance:

class MyListener implements League\Event\Listener {
    public function __invoke(object|SomethingHappened $event): void
        // handle event

$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentfier, new MyListener());

Prioritizing listeners

When subscribing to events, you influence the caller order by setting the priority of the subscription.

$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $listener, $priority);

The $priority parameter is an int. The higher the value, the earlier it will be called.

// Lowest priority is called last
$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $lastListener, -100);

// Same priority? Subscribe order is maintained
$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $secondListener, 10);
$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $thirdListener, 10);

// Highest priority is called first
$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $firstListener, PHP_INT_MAX);

The ListenerPriority class exposes a couple predefined priorities.

use League\Event\ListenerPriority;

$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $listener, ListenerPriority::HIGH);
$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $listener, ListenerPriority::NORMAL);
$dispatcher->subscribeTo($eventIdentifier, $listener, ListenerPriority::LOW);

Custom PSR-14 listener provider

Unless your custom listener provider also implements the League\Event\ListenerRegistry interface, adding new event subscriptions through the event dispatcher will not work.

When you try to subscribe to an event with an incompatible provider, the League\Event\UnableToSubscribeListener exception will be thrown.

Dispatching events

Next up is event dispatching. View the documentation about dispatching events